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YSL Tote Bag Replica

Woop sorry I strayed from the original train of thought. Anyway, I stare at this YSL Tote Bag Replica and that i really can't get rid of that 80s feeling. I believe there's an excessive amount of gold within the hardware.

I'm sorry but I'm still attempting to comprehend one factor because well. Individuals 3 letters still feature conspicuously on the majority of bags but the label has dropped the Y (goodbye Yves and I think you'll are actually not submiting your grave at being "dropped") to become pointedly referred to as Saint Laurent. Haha are you able to let's suppose the rest of the two- name labels we have arrived at know choose to become one- word labels?

Even though the YSL Tote Bag Replica shape is a vintage (similar to the Chanel GST), there's just really an excessive amount of gold. Sorry, but I'm not really keen on that one.

Exactly what do you peeps think? I'd not spend $$$ about this Saint Laurent Monogram Chevron Leather Toteicon. Rather, I'd prefer to all of us unearth our mothers' old bags in the 80s.