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YSL Chain Bag Replica

Among the bags which has caught my attention today may be the YSL Chain Bag Replica.

I've been veering from big bags for quite a while now. It's helped me more disciplined in some way and that i frankly don't miss lugging the entire house around when I'm errands. With time, I've found that I've been liking bags with quite simple designs- could this have related to age? Hahaha oh dear me I really hope not! I simply like bags that appear to be sleek and clean, with hardly any hardware detail. More hardware does mean excess fat, which just doesn't do any longer.

It may be the colour that caught my attention, but it's even the bag's clean design which makes is enticing to hold. YSL Chain Bag Replica that signature Y hardware, something I'm grateful Saint Laurent made a decision to keep (despite shedding "Yves" in the brand). The bag is very light too and it is very convenient to carry, and more importantly it's also very current.

This is among individuals couple of bags which get you plenty of transporting mileage. The colour is striking and it is perfect to include existence for your more somber- well toned clothes.